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Proval Services Limited is a small company offering valuations of stocks and shares for probate, inheritance tax, quarter up, mid market and statutory market valuations.

Valuations can be produced on securities contained in the Stock Exchange Daily Official List, authorised unit trusts, overseas securities and bonds from various internet sources or other securities with information provided by yourselves for any date commencing 1st November 1982. Our valuations are HMRC compliant and our turnround time is within two days subject to any queries being dealt with promptly. Valuations are returned by email either on our own template and digitally signed off by us or on your template for printing directly onto your own headed paper and signed off by yourselves. We are also able to post valuations out, four copies of each. Our current charging structure is £12 per valuation + £3 per line of stock subject to VAT. We are also able to provide one-off prices at a cost of £3.75 + VAT

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